Strong operational management for even greater quality of service.

XPO Logistics stands out for the high quality standards when it comes to providing a service for its customers. This commitment is based on the rigorous operational management of each employee every day, and is regularly recognised by the certifications we obtain. The XPO Logistics quality strategies are implemented in cooperation with the relevant institutions within each country and approved by specialist independent institutions. 

XPO Logistics specialist transport certifications

  • ISO 9001 (quality of service), for all transport activities
  • HACCP (food safety): food safety strategy


At XPO Logistics, we comply with the strictest recommendations for the transport of hazardous, sensitive, packaged or bulk products by tanker, as well as tanker/container washing, which are defined in the current industrial Safety and Quality guidelines. We are accredited in accordance with the following standards:


  • SQAS, for our storage, handling and bulk chemical product transport operations
  • MASE, to enables us to continuously improve safety, industrial hygiene and the environment in a number of areas: management commitment, professional skills and training for employees, preparation and organisation of work, performance assessment, variance analysis and corrective steps, monitoring and permanent commitments
  • GMP for the washing of tankers and containers used for the transport of animal feed product