XPO Logistics has an ongoing commitment to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

As a pioneer in our sector, we have included a sustainable development commitment in our strategic objectives since 2003.  


In logistics we continue our policy of obtaining ISO 14001 environmental certification at all European sites. As the owners of Europe's largest HGV fleet, we are at the forefront of the fight to reduce the environmental impact caused by trucks. Firmly committed to reducing CO₂ emissions caused by our transport operations, we are also convinced that trucks are not the problem, but form part of the solution.

Continuous improvement of the environmental management of our logistics sites

Whilst logistics sites do not consume large amounts of energy or produce large amounts of waste, the Group has nevertheless established a demanding standard of environmental management that is applied to all its logistics operations. We have also extended our ISO 14001 environmental certification process to cover all European sites, which will ensure conformity, monitoring and measuring discharges and waste. In 2013, 42% of sites had ISO 14001 certification, approximately equivalent to 50% of the Logistics' business' sales. 


Temperature Controlled Logistics: CO₂, a new generation refrigerant

The use of harmful chlorinated and flouorinated hydrocarbons (HCFC) for refrigeration purposes will be prohibited in the European Union from 2015. Ahead of this legislation, the Group is using carbon dioxide (CO₂) for its new temperature controlled facilities in France which is a widely available natural liquid that has no impact on the ozone layer and a negligible impact on greenhouse gases.


In the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania, temperature controlled sites are equipped instead with ammonia (NH3) which also has little direct impact on the greenhouse effect. 


Performance Attitude: seeking out any wastage 

In 2013, following the success of the initiative at the Satolas-et-Bonce logistics site (South East France) to improve and limit its impact on the environment, the logistics teams in France and the Netherlands began a continuous improvement (Lean Management) initiative named "Performance Attitude". The objective of this initiative is to identify and eliminate all sources of wastage and poor quality. In environmental terms, it makes energy (water, electricity, gas etc.) savings and reduced waste. "Performance Attitude" falls fully within the continuous improvement framework practised at all our sites. 


Belgian teams rewarded with the Lean & Green Award

In 2013, our logistics team in Belgium won the Lean & Green Award for its plan to reduce 20% of CO₂ emissions produced by its activities over five years. This award recognises the environmental commitment and innovative actions of our teams.