Maintaining optimum safety standards on the road, in our sites and always with the environment in mind

As a responsible and socially committed player, XPO Logistics has extremely high standards when it comes to the safety of our employees, our customers’ goods, the environment and third parties. On the road and in the depot, our company trains its teams and uses the most reliable equipment in order to meet the highest safety standards. 

Norbert Dentressangle logistics employees are extensively trained in trolley operation, above pallet-level storage and even special conditions for frozen products and SEVESO warehouses. We set an example in terms of preventing risks associated with the handling and storage of a range of products. When it comes to road transport, the Transport Division devised and implemented our Safe Driving Plan in 1991. This plan, which extends to the whole of Europe, aims to increase road safety as well as driver loyalty. The results have been more than encouraging. In 2013, each Norbert Dentressangle driver covered an average of 550,000 km without causing an accident. 


Our safety strategy

Employee safety 

Wherever they work, whether on the roads or in SEVESO or COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) classified warehouses, our employees are trained to react appropriately and apply good practice in dangerous situations, in order to guarantee their own safety and that of their colleagues. Continuous training is provided as standard by speacialist trainers, who regularly monitor how this training is put into practice. 


Safety of goods

Our employees are trained in the storage and transport of goods, regardless of their nature, and ensure that product integrity and packaging is respected and upheld. The goods entrusted to us by our customers are stored in state-of-the-art facilities which are well maintained and meet the latest standards. The quality of our equipment enables us to respond to any risk situation, particularly for the storage of dangerous substances. In order to guarantee the safety of goods during transport, our drivers are trained in loading and securing products safely. Vehicles are recent and well maintained, while our tankers benefit from the SONECOVI washing system, which prevents any transfer of product between transports. 


Environmental safety

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our activities Norbert Dentressangle provides training and makes investments. For the transport and storage of dangerous substances, we are committed to meeting the current regulations (anticipating and responding to risks) and beyond, with our own regulations (ensuring that no risks occur). Our objective is always to manage risks. 


Safety of third parties and the community

Out on the roads, Norbert Dentressangle drivers prioritise road safety. They apply defensive driving techniques which requires maximum anticipation in order to prevent and risk of accident. Based on our Safe Driving Plan, our continuous training courses approved by external training bodies, and our signature of the European Road Safety Charter, our entire Transport Division is commited and working hard to become the benchmark when it comes to road safety. At the same time, in our depots, our logistics teams implement safety and driving plans in order to avoid any risk of accidents fro third parties. 


Proof of our commitment

  • Development of the Safe Driving Plan in 1991 to raise drivers' awareness of road safety across Europe. Resuls in 2013: each driver covered an average of 550,000 km per year without causing an accident
  • Signature of the European Road Safety Charter, which aims to send 25,000 lives
  • ADR Certification (European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road), for the transport of dangerous or sensitive products, whether they are packaged or transported in bulk by tanker, and the washing of tankers and containers 
  • Extension of our strategy of obtaining certification for all sites throughout Europe (ISO 22000 for food safety and ISO 18001 for personal safety)