Social Integration & Promotion

Succeeding together: "You Grow We Grow"

In order to support XPO Logistics' growth ambitions, we must be able to count on the commitment of our teams.With both internal and external growth in mind, the Group recognises it must attract motivated, enterprising people. At the same time, we encourage employees who want to progress to demonstrate thier talent, to innovate and evolve and thus contribute to the growth of the company. 

At XPO Logistics, we are convinved that the success of every individual contributes to the development of the company. That is why the belief "You Grow, We Grow" features at the heart of our HR pledge. With hands-on management, a voluntary training policy and in-house development opportunities - at every key stage of the career pathway, our organisation rewards the initiative of its staff, to promote shared growth. 


Red Graduate Programme: Integrating and training the managers of tomorrow

To support its development, XPO Logistics must strengthen its teams and prepare them for future business challenges. This means we must attract young, talented people and keep them. With this in mind, we have launched the XPO Logistics Red Graduate Programme


In 2013, 12 young graduates were recruited on permanent contracts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands to be trained with a view that they will become the managers of tomorrow. Over a period of two years, these Red Graduates carry our four consecutive six-month placements in the Group's three businesses with support services including one international placement.Supported by a manager and amentor for the duration of the course, they will take up management positions at the end of the programme.


Red Management Programme rolls out

Designed by XPO Logistics to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow and to anticipate its needs in terms of competencies, the Red Management Programme trains site directors, operations managers and commercial managers. On the back of its success, this programme has been extended to include support functions and new Geographical regions including Russia.


2,000 managers have participated in the Red Management Programme, in accordance with the Group's targets. 


Focus on UK: Rebecca Smith - Young Woman of the Year

Rebecca Smith joined XPO Logistics on  the Fast Track Talent Programme, a scheme created specifically for graduates in the UK. During her final placement, Rebecca worked in Tanzania with Transaid, a development charity focused on improving transport in sub-Saharan Africa through training and the promotion of Road Safety. There, she assisted with the delivery of Transaid's Professional Driver Training Project. During her time in Tanzania, she was named Young Woman of the Year by Women in Logistics, a non-profit, support and networking groups which helps guide women's careers in the sector.