SCA Tissue Europe – A transport structure for hygienic products

100% of European consumers buy hygiene products: hygienic paper, tissues, nappies, wipes, kitchen roll, etc.In this sector, large international producers dominate the market. For these high rotation products that are both bulky and light, transport is a crucial element of the budget. Transport organisation plays a decisive role in meeting demands of the mass-market sector.

Cosmint – High-tech cosmetics

Cosmint has made an impact on the world of cosmetics with its innovative quality products. For its logistics operations, this Italian company relies on the Norbert Dentressangle Group, which has successfully reorganised flows at its warehouse, to the great satisfaction of the company and its customers. 

Orapi – The irresistible rise of a leader

As the French industrial hygiene and maintenance market leader, the ORAPI Group, which was established in 1968, plans to double in size and enter the European Top 5. Its acquisition strategy and international vision support this ambition. Norbert Dentressangle supports the company with its transport and logistics operations.