Shared logistics

Would you like to share your logistics and transport resources in order to reduce distribution costs? 

In order to meet the needs of distribution networks (supermarket and specialist distribution), you need to increase the frequency of your deliveries, reduce your stock levels and optimise your transport costs. Our logistics experts combine deliveries to the same distributor, by grouping your products with those of other manufacturers. The expertise demonstrated by our teams is particularly well known in the field of supermarket distribution and enables you to benefit from shared logistics, as well as an efficient and reactive supply chain.

Your performance factors


  • Reduced stock levels,
  • More frequent deliveries,
  • Optimisation or stabilisation of supply chain costs,
  • Enhanced quality of service,
  • Guaranteed on-shelf product availability,
  • Increased load factor,
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.


Our expertise: shared supply chain management


  • A comprehensive solution that makes it possible to calculate restocking requirements, scheduling and order preparation, as well as distribution management,
  • Expertise in the field of multi-client ambient and controlled temperature hubs (-25°C, +4°C),
  • Use of efficient information systems to design tailor-made stock management and order preparation solutions, integrating the information systems of other players,
  • The secure transport of your goods is guaranteed by trained and responsible drivers who are committed to protecting your company’s image.