E-commerce - Red Online

Need a tailor-made and responsive logistics solution to support your online sales?

As an e-commerce business, your major challenge is to gain the loyalty of your customers by delivering flawless quality of service (prompt delivery, at the right place, and in the right condition).

As recognised logistics experts throughout Europe, XPO Logistics has developed dedicated e-commerce logistics solutions for you. Whatever the size of your company, the complexity of your needs, your market and your customers’ expectations, we use all of our expertise and skills to help you succeed – from the placement and transmission of orders to distribution management.


Your performance factors

  • Efficiency: reliable and flexible processes and information systems, ability to manage variations in business activity on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, customer returns management, rapid response logistics
  • Flexibility: ability to support increased qualitative and quantitative demand by means of adaptable processes and ensure that resources develop in line with costs
  • Personalisation: invoices and credit notes, communication/promotion/building loyalty, delivery
  • An outstanding service that aims to be flawless


Our e-fulfilment expertise

  • A single partner who provides an outstanding service throughout your entire e-commerce supply chain:
  • IT solutions management ensures full traceability (customer interface, scheduling, invoicing, returns management [warehouse information systems])
  • The ability to optimise warehouses processes (sampling, sorting, packing, returns management)
  • Guaranteed delivery dates and times
  • High standard reverse logistics (returns management, packaging disposal)