Automotive & Industrial

Integrated up and downstream supply chain solutions that keep pace with your production line

As a major European player in Transport, Logistics and Global Forwarding, we are already addressing industry challenges in partnership with a number of major Industrial sector customers: why not let us meet yours?

  • We design robust transport and logistics solutions, which take into account flow management problems in Europe and throughout the world.
  • We can tailor our solutions to suit your schedules, products, raw materials, spare parts, quickly, at the right time and in the right place.
  • We offer full control and traceability of product flows through effective information-sharing and tracking solutions.
  • Our solutions are based on continuous improvement and evolve to meet changes to products, procurement, process, etc.
  • Our teams' operational excellence skills ensure of your order-fill ratios are always met.
  • Thanks to our trained experts, the quality and safety of our operations are certified, meeting the most exacting European standards.
  • We are firmly committed to our environmental responsibility (carbon calculator, management of packaging and handling supports, reverse logistics, etc.).


Improve your supply chain performance with XPO Logistics
  • Re-focus on your core business: production and product innovation.
  • Benefit from a partner who can manage change and increasingly-complex flows.
  • Increase responsiveness and flexibility to address fluctuations in demand and control your costs.