Electronic products

Our supply-chain solutions, delivering excellence for your products

As a major European player in Transport, Logistics and Global Forwarding, we are already meeting challenges for a number of retail operators in the High Tech, brown and white goods sectors: why not let us meet yours?

  • Benefit from bespoke transport and logistics solutions that take into account the challenges of your flows in Europe and throughout the world, as well as the specific features of your products, and allow you to improve the service provided to all your sales channels.
  • We draw upon the strength of our international and local transport network with optimised door-to-door solutions so that your electronic products arrive on time and with total safety, whatever your sources, volumes and working pace.
  • We are committed to providing you with accurate bespoke or shared logistics solutionswithout compromising on product quality or the level of service we offer to all your sales channels (own stores, distributors, e-commerce, etc.).
  • Our experience of the challenges faced by manufacturers, specialist retailers and e-commerce allows our experts to innovate to speed up flows, improve service and optimise costs, whatever your priorities: dedicated or shared solutions, procurement management, order preparation, quality control, value-added operations, upstream/downstream transport, reverse logistics and after-sales services.
  • Boost your performance with the expertise of our engineers, who designsolutions to improve processes and optimise costs as part of a continuous improvement approach.
  • We offer you full control and traceability of your flows and productsthrough effective information sharing and tracking solutions.
  • Thanks to the operational excellence of our trained expert staff, the quality and safety of our operations are certified, meeting the most exacting European standards.
  • We are firmly committed to environmental responsibility (carbon calculator, management of packaging and handling supports, reverse logistics, etc.).


Improove your supply-chain performance with XPO Logistics

  • Ensure that your products are available in all sales channels and focus your attention on your marketing strategy and selling your products,
  • Increase your responsiveness and flexibility so that you are always capable of coping with sales volumes, controlling your costs and satisfying your clients,
  • Have a partner that can help you manage change and meet your quality commitments,
  • Manage and secure your sourcing, even for your most fragile products, anywhere in the world.