Food retail

Our supply-chain solutions to ensure safety, traceability and ultra-responsiveness

As a major European player in Transport, Logistics and Global Forwarding, we are already meeting challenges for a number of players in the food industry: why not let us meet yours?

  • Enjoy bespoke transport and logistics solutions at ambient or controlled temperature, taking into account the constraints of your products, sourcing, variations in volumes and seasonality, anywhere in Europe and throughout the world.
  • Our bespoke or pooled door-to-door supply chain solutions draw upon the strength of our transport and logistics networks to ensure that your products remain in perfect condition throughout the chain and your deliveries are made at the right time and to the right place.
  • The operational excellence of our employees guarantees accurate logistics, without compromising on product quality or the service provided to the different sales channels. As a result, you can cope effectively with considerable increases in flow, seasonal variations and promotions, adding value to your products right up to their final delivery.
  • Our combined experience of the challenges of the retail trade and its industrial operators enables our experts to innovate to accelerate flows, improve service and optimise costs, whatever your priorities in terms of quality control, compliance with food-safety protocols, particularly at controlled temperature, procurement management, order preparation, upstream/downstream transport, etc.
  • We provide recognised expertise in information systems, giving total traceability of product flows for optimum quality and food safety (responsiveness in blocking/quarantining/unblocking, traceability by SSCC and batch number, triggering of recalls, traceability and history of temperatures, etc.).
  • Thanks to the operational excellence of our trained expert staff, the quality and safety of our operations are certified, meeting the most exacting European standards.
  • We are firmly committed to environmental responsibility (Carbon Calculator, hybrid vehicles, modal shifts, management of packaging and handling supports, etc.).


Improve your supply-chain performance with XPO Logistics

  • Ensure that your products are available for sale and focus your attention on your marketing strategy and selling your products,
  • Increase your responsiveness and flexibility so that you are always capable of coping with sales volumes, taking promotional opportunities, controlling your costs and satisfying your clients,
  • Capitalise on our shared solutions to pool upstream or downstream transport and warehousing resources with other industrial operators,
  • Manage and ensure the traceability of your products and flows throughout the supply chain, while complying with the applicable regulations,
  • Have a go-to partner to help you manage change and increasingly-complex flows and find possible responses to environmental pressure.