Textiles sector

Our supply chain solutions to meet the challenges of your collections

A major European player in Transport, Logistics and Global Forwarding, we are already meeting challenges for a number of manufacturers and retailers in the textiles industry: why not let us meet yours?

  • Enjoy transport and logistics solutions that take account of your seasonal variations, increasingly complex flows and the growth in services provided at point of sale, and indeed to end customers (e-commerce).
  • We draw upon the strength of our international and local transport network with optimised door-to-door solutions so that your collections arrive on time, whatever your sources of supply, volumes and working pace.
  • We are committed to providing you with accurate bespoke or shared logistics solutionswithout compromising on product quality or the level of service we offer across the various sales channels (own stores, retailers, e-commerce, etc.).
  • The operational excellence of our staff members who bring added value to your products, regardless of the requirements of your sales network (ironing, labelling, pallet covering, packaging of folded items or items on hangers, repacking, etc.).
  • Boost your performance with the expertise of our engineers, who design solutions to improve processes and streamline costs as part of a continuous improvement approach.
  • We will provide you with our recognised expertise in information systems, enabling us to offer you bespoke management of the specific features of the textiles industry (Products-Colours-Sizes, initial or restocking order flows, etc.) and full traceability of flows.
  • We provide you with our innovation and investment capabilities which are geared towards serving your sector ever more effectively: automated order preparation lines, vehicles specially adapted for delivery of items on hangers, integrated domestic urban distribution networks enabling us, for example, to make secure night-time deliveries.
  • Thanks to our trained, expert staff, the quality of our operations is certified and meets the most exacting European standards.
  • We are firmly committed to environmental responsibility (carbon calculator, management of packaging and handling supports, reverse logistics, etc.).


Improve your supply-chain performance with XPO Logistics
  • Refocus on your core businesses: making and selling clothing.
  • Have a partner that can not only keep pace with you, but also help you manage change and meet your quality commitments.
  • Ensure that your products are available across all sales channels, including e-commerce.


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