Pallet distribution

Looking for an integrated express delivery network, which combines quality of service with the efficiency of an expert?

Every day, the XPO Logistics teams work hard to ensure that your pallets are delivered at the right time to the right place - which may be close to home or on the other side of Europe. Our experts take full responsibility for your deadlines, budgets and brand image. This enables you to work more closely with your customers. Our integrated European express delivery networks allow you to manage your shipments – up to and including proof of delivery.

Your performance factors

  • How we manage your budget,
  • Enhancing your products and improving the quality of service you provide for your customers,
  • Information access and management: EDI, real time information compatible with your operating system,
  • Definition and monitoring of your quality objectives, with personalised key performance indicators (KPI) and a contractual level of performance,
  • A partner who works with you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Our transport expertise: Express pallet delivery

  • The quality and density of a European leader’s domestic networks,
  • The experience of a European transport leader, whatever your business sector:
    • Health/pharmaceuticals,
    • Specialist distribution networks,
    • Automotive,
    • Chemicals/paints,
    • Plastics/cardboard,
    • Publishing,
  • Continuous optimisation of collections and delivery flows, keeping within budget,
  • Commitment to delivery deadlines
    • Just-in-time deliveries,
    • Deliveries according to your customer commitments,
  • The excellent standards maintained by our trained and responsible Norbert Dentressangle drivers,
  • The XPO Logistics quality commitment, which is made possible by cutting-edge equipment, up-to-date and clean vehicles and our excellent responsible drivers, who are trained in road safety,
  • A 100% ADR express delivery network.